NAYA:  Artisan Revival SkinCare

Sustainable, Farm Fresh Food for your Skin:

NAYA Artisan Revival SkinCare is handcrafted goodness dedicated to maintaining sustainable and ethical practices that support the Earth and nourish your Skin.

Our products are all made in small batches using plant and food based ingredients to create unique, sophisticated remedies that nurture your skin. Our list of ingredients is short, sweet and honest. This means you will recognize our ingredients, since all of them are edible.
At NAYA our Philosophy is 'Less is More.' We believe the less packaging we use, the less impact we make, that's why we use glass bottles (no plastic) and biodegradable labels.
We also believe healing comes from
using traditional folk methods
like solar infusion to create our nourishing body oils, hand straining vs. mass production by machines,
distilling and blending, which use less
resources than machines and incorporates
handmade love into each batch we create.
Simplicity and Integrity are key ingredients
to your skins health. Being mindFUL of how
things are produced and where they
come from is just as important as what is in
your skin care. Industrialization and mass production of 
many product lines forces them to add harsh preservatives and 
chemicals to ensure a longer shelf life. We encourage our
retailers to order small amounts as needed and only make
product when orders come in, to provide you with a high
quality, farm fresh product that embodies the same
elements of eating, fresh, clean food.

Peace + Love to the Earth and Your Skin